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Weight Loss: My Journey while Battling Thyroid

By An anonymous SWEA 

I have always been overweight since my teenage years and have always been told by friends and relatives to lose weight.

However, I never paid attention to anyone because I was happy the way I was.

My relatives in general would always tell me that no one is going to marry you because you are fat but it never brought a difference to my mind… I always believed in inner beauty being the most important thing any human could achieve. 🙂

My parents always told me that many of our family members had genetically always been fat and I inherited my fats from my grandmother and aunts. Though I always wondered why they didn’t give me other good things to inherit LOL.

As I stepped into the age of 24, I started having second thoughts about my appearance. I began asking myself, “Is that how you want to look for the rest of my life?”

An answer from within said NO.

Somewhere in March 2015 I decided that I do not want to be FAT anymore. I swore to get into a desirable bodyshape, and get rid of the unwanted lumps of fat all over my body.

Since I was travelling the same month, my return was in mid‐April, I decided that once I am back, this will be my new goal set for the coming months/years. I didn’t want to lose fat immediately because according to my knowledge and belief, the faster you lose the easily you gain! This has happened to me in the past and I had many unsuccessful weight loss journeys which I gave up previously.


I kick started with a very strict 9 days C9 Program in the month of May 2015 when I weighed 117 kilos. The program boosted me to start my journey to not eating fatty food completely, at least for a month. Keeping in mind that I was a foodie and I’m still a foodie, the program was certainly not easy for me to undertake in the beginning. I also have hypo thyroid from a very young age of about 17 years. This was one of the reasons that made me gain so much of weight.

Back to my weight loss topic again‐ the 9 days made me lose only 3 kilos. I was disappointed but I didn’t give up. The beginnings are always hard my heart told me.

I kept going with only having smoothies for lunch and soup for dinner. With time my body got used to eating less and I was losing inches better than kilos.

In June I stopped dieting much because it was Ramadan and I still regret why I didn’t make weight loss goals I would have done a good job I believe so. Surprisingly after Ramadan, I weighed myself and I was 2 kilos down‐ it was an unintended achievement and it looked like my behavior towards eating had made this possible.

I continued with some self-made diets after Ramadan but I was not losing much of kilos. However, I kept going and didn’t lose hope. At this point I weighed 112 Kilos. In about 3 months a loss of 5 kilos only. I forgot to mention that I was not exercising‐this was just due to dieting! I started gyming for about 2 months and again I didn’t lose much of weight. In the 2 months I gymed and dieted I only lost 2 kilos.

My doctor suggested that this was due to thyroid. So I will have to be extremely patient to reach my goal weight and I will need at least 2 to 3 years to reach where I want to be‐75 kilos LOL.

December 2016 I weighed 110 kilos. I stared getting serious. I changed my diet plans and exercise routine. In 2 months I lost 5 kilos and my current weight is 105 kilos.

I have had a total weight loss of 13 Kilos in 9 Months minus the Ramadan month. Every weight loss journey has Cheat days‐ mine has them too and I don’t regret them because I work hard to loose and I deserve one FOOD smiling day once in a while too. 😀

This journey is not complete yet but the reason why I have written this story is because wanted to prove the saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a Way.’

I hope my story of my weight loss brings an inspiration to anyone who is struggling with weight loss struggle or any other problem in life. Good things in life come to those who await them. I haven’t reached my goal yet but I am working on it. Hence, I have promised myself that I will achieve it really soon!

Blessings, An Anonymous Super Woman


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