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A Man’s Journey from Drug Addiction to Rehabilitating Other Addicts

The Super Women of East Africa Facebook group is always active with discussions revolving around real life issues. One of the posts that created quite a stir in the group was related to drug addiction, and a super woman distressed about a family member who was on the verge of ruining his life due to  his addiction.

alcohol and drug abuse.jpg

The story led us to a lot of other super women pouring in suggestions, and good wishes for the lady in distress. One of the group members suggested to get in touch with Ally* – a young man who made his way out of substance abuse, and now uses all his energy to help other people going through exactly what he went through a year back.

Intrigued to find out more about his story, as we felt he could be just the right person to give us more details about substance abuse and how difficult it is to actually give up an addiction, SWEA got in touch with Ally.

We had a short conversation, and below are some excerpts.

How did you make it through substance abuse, was there someone who motivated you?

Ally: Lots of people tried convincing me but didn’t work till I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I really wanted to be like the guys who found recovery before me but wishing didn’t help. I had to be desperate to get to where I am today. I went to rehabs all around the world but nothing helped because I wasn’t ready. When I was desperate, a very low class center in Zanzibar did the magic.

What kind of addiction were you into?

Ally: I used anything and everything that got me high and altered the way I felt.

How long has it been since u have been completely free of any kind of addiction?

Ally: To be exact, I’m 1 year and 10 days clean and sober today.

Looking back at it, how is your life different today?

Ally: Today my life is really awesome. I have amazing relationship with my family, relatives, friends, lots of new ones. Most importantly I have a great relationship with God and myself. I’m a responsible son, brother, father, member of the society. I’m not self-centered or selfish. Life is really beautiful. I never thought it would ever be like this.

What motivates you to help those struggling with addiction?

Ally: I just want to be of help because I know how the suffering addicts feel. And I also know how their families feel.. It’s a very sad, helpless and hopeless feeling.

Any person u came across during your personal rehabilitation program and their story really touched u. Maybe you would want to share?

Ally: Many inspired me but I am not going to share their stories, to maintain privacy.

*Interviewee’s name is changed on their request. If anyone wishes to get in touch with the interviewee to get more details about his rehabilitation program, please comment below.


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