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Tips to Choosing Your Interior Paint Palette

By Arwa  Muffadal Taibali

The colour of a room can brighten a room, or can perhaps turn it into a dull mess. Therefore, we believe while selecting the colour palette for your house, you need to be extra careful. Below are some essential tips, to help you make just the right decision.

Red: Exciting and a stimulating colour. Suggests Energy, Power, Passion and life. Used in small amounts in walls as a highlight colour .Works well on floors.

Orange: Optimistic and a confident colour. Good for social and activity spaces.

Yellow: Cheerful and an inspiring colour. Represents the intellect, enlightenment and communication. A good colour for ceilings and walls.

Green: Relaxing and a refreshing colour. The most restful colour for the eye. Good for areas of rest and relaxation.

Blue: Serene and a relaxing colour, represents the spiritual intellect. Reduces pain,blood pressure and pulse rates. Should be used sparingly.

White: Purity, perfection and coolness.Best for walls and ceilings when creamed,toasted or mixed with small amounts of all the hues.

Gold: Colour of the sun, rich and warming. A delightful accent colour.

Silver: Colour of the moon, cool and delicate; peaceful as an accent. Can aid creativity.

The article was originally published in Daily Times Tanzania Newspapers. 

Arwa Muffadal Taibali graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Degree in Bachelors of Arts, specializing in Interior Design. Arwa sees life as a journey to learn, and grow. She feels grateful for all the knowledge she has acquired in her field and only wishes to spread her creativity with others. She currently lives in Dar es Salaam and has started her own interior designing firm called, Ezzy Interiors. 


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