Tried and Tested: DiY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the Super Women of East Africa Facebook group has been abuzz with some wonderful¬†DiY ideas shared by its members.

Below are some of tried and tested ideas taken up by the super women. Which one are you going to pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

Gifts for the Five Senses by Danielle Marlon Fain Ernstzen


Danielle decided to arrange five set of gifts for her husband, last year on Valentine’s to please each of his senses. The idea behind these set of gifts was to blindfold her husband, as he figures out what gift is hidden beneath each gift bag. Finally the gift for his sight could be opened without blind folds.

Here is what Danielle gifted her husband:

Sound – ipod shuffle
Smell- perfume
Sight- private gift ūüėČ
Touch- football (loves football)
Taste- red velvet cupcakes + m’n’ms chocolate, his favourite.

His reaction:¬†Danielle said with a cheeky smile, “His reaction was the best when it came to the sight part hehe.”


Framed Sound Waves Saying ‘I Love You’ by¬†Danielle Marlon Fain Ernstzen


What could be a better idea than getting your ‘I love yous’ quite literally framed on your walls, to remind yourself how beautiful it sounds when you hear it from your loved ones.

Danielle and her husband got the sound waves of them saying ‘I love you’ framed on their bedroom wall as a first month wedding anniversary present. She got the idea from a friend of hers who¬†got her mom’s sound¬†waves tattooed on herself.

His reaction:¬†Speaking about her husband’s reaction to this brilliant present, Danielle said, “His¬†reaction was priceless. He loved it and said we should too get them tattooed.”

Heart Wind Chimes by Minal Nandha 

wind chimes.jpg

It is definitely true when they say it is hard to please a creative mind. Minal, being one of those with a creative steak, decided to find an interesting DiY gift idea for her husband through Google, but after numerous search efforts, and being disappointed with the results, she decided to take the matters in her own hands and came up with this unique Hearts Wind Chime as a Vday gift.

The supplies required for this interesting project are very simple and cost-effective. Minal used a mwarobaini tree twig, silver spray paint, A4 glitter foam sheets to cut out the heart shapes, some beads, and some glittered wires.

Minal simply cut out some heart shapes off the foam sheets, and hanged them on the mwarobaini twig using the wire, and embellished the wind chime with some beautiful beads.

His reaction: Minal said, she loved his reaction! Her husband admired the creative little gift his wife spent so much time creating, and gave her a tight hug as a token of appreciation.


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