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Off the Net: Interesting Printable Activities and Flashcards for Toddlers

By Sakina N

Keeping a toddler busy can be a hopeless task for parents. Being a parent to a two-year old, super active baby girl, juggling my everyday tasks becomes quite a deal everyday.

To be honest, I had been guilty of making my daughter watch too much television in the past, which although did keep her busy for a while and made her sit quietly, as I could complete some pending tasks. However, too much of screen time is never recommended for toddlers her age.

Therefore, I decided to do some online research and came across some brilliant activities that just needed to be printed, and laminated to ensure they could be used over and over again.

And oh boy! Did my daughter love them? Her loud, ‘WOOOW’ said it all for me when she saw the colourful printables for the first time. She loves playing with them and has learned quite a few new animal names, and brushed up her colours too.

Below are the links I used to download various printable activities and flashcards. Feel free to use them.

Colour sorting activity:…/0B7HU0DcVrleseUptcjdnSk…/view

Snowman number counting:…/0B7HU0DcVrlesX3BiUmYzZ1…/view

penguin hats colour matching activity:…/0B7HU0DcVrlesSV9ESndya1…/view

more matching activities:…/

Bug and leaf colour matching activity:…/31/bug-color-matching-printable/


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