Twilight Reflections

By Sakina S. Dossaji

When the gentle wind blew,
And the wind-chimes tinkled,
A sigh escaped
From quivering lips.

A cloak of contentment,
She closed her eyes,
There’s no stopping the tide,
She watched the sunset fading by.

Just in a blink of an eye,
The twig can snap,
Joys into sorrows
Or sorrows into joys.

A tear fell on the paper that she wrote on,
Filled with gratitude with all that she had
And the people in her life,
Wishing for hearts to thrive
In love and harmony.

There she was,
Right across the room,
Her reflection casting by,
Which was also my own,
On a silver oval mirror.

And then she smiled,
For peace to prevail,
Everyone had their own battle to fight,
Bouquets of kindness and warmth to part,
As she penned off, the candascent moon came gliding by

Sakina S. Dossaji is born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. Currently residing in Tanga, Tanzania with her husband and 3 children. A teacher by profession, and a poetess by passion, she loves to write articles, stories, poetry and conduct activity clubs for kids for ‘Kids Curiousity Club’. She acquired her literature skills at Agakhan High School, Mombasa and inherited mostly from her father whose passion lies in writing English song lyrics, poems, articles and creating crossword puzzles. Reading is her favourite pastime.


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