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Trying to sneak some veggies in your child’s diet? Try this fun Veggie Vehicle!

As much as you’d want your kids to eat healthy, it seems like a daunting task, given the number of unhealthy options available so easily. A lot of times parents plead guilty to letting their kids have too much of frizz, junk or sugary foods.

And hence, the million dollar question remains, ‘How to make them finish the veggies?’

Arwa Muffadal Taibali, a young mother of two has it all figured!

She recently created this fun looking veggie vehicle with her four-year old son who loves playing with cars. Well, in this case, he enjoyed eating one. 😉

Although the process took around 30 minutes to gather the ingredients and work to make a vehicle out of the vegetables, Arwa said her son stood there the entire time, watching the vegetables take the shape of a vehicle, and while he was on it, he ended up eating a handful of sliced cucumbers too.

We rate this as an ‘Absolute Win’ activity for parents who dread the meal times. Perhaps this could be a fun activity for your little ones to pick up a healthy diet, and be creative while they’re at it.


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