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Health Talk: 3 Ways the Parsley Green Drink Can Change Your Life

By Sharmeen Merali

Personally I am not a great fan of ‘healthy drinks’ as some like to call it, in fact If someone asks me to drink them, I put on a frown that resembles an upside down rollercoaster! However these drinks are really valuable to one’s health and lifestyle. If you search the net, you will be amazed in regards to the number of benefits, like if you include this in your daily life, you might not have to visit the doctors at all, how great is that?


In this feature, we are going to look at Parsley water, which is so green, that from a distance it looks like green paint mixed with water.

We always tend to complain about the way we look especially living in such a hot country. Did you know that drinking Parsley water can reduce wrinkles, remove dark circles and make your skin glow? Consuming parsley stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and promotes cell reproduction and repair. Parsley water is rich in Vitamin C. It also leaves your skin feeling refreshed as the Zinc found in parsley controls skin inflammation and promotes skin regeneration reducing redness acne blemishes.

When it comes to our hair, we get very protective and if something goes kaput, then that’s it, but Parsley water comes to the rescue literally. When you run your fingers through your hair and realize few strands have come out, puree a handful of parsley spring and add 100 ml of water to it. Apply this tonic on wet scalp, wrap your hair in a towel and allow it to sit for an hour. Then wash it off with shampoo and see the magic. As well as this, washing your hair with an infusion of parsley leaves gets rid of dandruff; at least wearing black will not be a problem anymore.

Looking after your health is very important, drinking parsley water can prevent tumors as Myristicin, a compound present in Parsley prevents tumor formation especially in the lungs. The Vitamin C found acts an anti-inflammatory agents, so, on a daily basis, this can keep you away from the inflammation of Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Spoiler alert, since this plant is high in oxalic acid, prolonged consumption of it can cause gouty arthritis, kidney stones and mineral-nutrient deficiency. However everything in life should be balanced, so don’t over do the parsley, but still make it a part of your life.

Funny enough, I have finally started adding the green color into my life and believe me it does make a difference. To top it all, it doesn’t taste that bad, however I prefer to keep the ‘green juice’ extremely chilled. So give it a try, feel refreshed, energetic and green; no pun intended! 😉

Sharmeen Merali studies in England and is now a free-lance writer, proof-reader and typist. Sharmeen believes in promoting talents as she feels people deserve to be appreciated. Having had a rocky road with her health, she has used laughter as a means of healing. She currently lives in Dar es Salaam and works for EscapeXperience Tanzania as a gamemaster.



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