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This Tanzanian student presented a local Swahili dish, and wow-ed her friends!

Sakina Mukarram Amijee, is a special member of the Facebook group, Super Women of East Africa. She is the brilliant artist behind our super-cool website and Facebook group cover!

Little did we know, apart from her artistic talents, she can quite cook up a storm, when at it!

A 3D Animation student at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada, one of Sakina’s classmates came up with the idea to organize a fun one dish party on 2nd February 2017, to celebrate the cultural diversity their class has to offer. Needless to say, the food varieties that came up were incredible. From sweet treats from Brazil, to lip-smacking snacks from India, and of course what could be a better representation of Tanzanian street food apart from mihogo (cassava) and a spicy tomato chutney?

Sakina prepared the delicious savoury treat, to give her a classmates a taste of the Tanzanian cuisine, and of course the food was well-loved.

Speaking about the one-dish party organized by her classmates, she said, “It was a great experience. We got a chance to taste a lot of different cuisines, all prepared with love by my classmates.”

About the response to her cassava and hot tomato chutney, she said, “A Brazilian classmate of mine especially loved it, and he couldn’t stop praising the food.”

“The chutney was extra spicy, but my friends loved the kick it added to the boiled cassava,” she added.

Some of the dishes presented included, Afghani kebabs, a refreshing salad, Korean rice tuna cakes, vegan apple cake, sweet baklava, crêpes with strawberries and maple syrup, daal, roti, rajma (red beans) with rice, fresh fruits and a lot more!

At the end of the day,  the students had a fun foodie day, and everyone agreed it was a tummy-filling and a heart-warming experience!


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