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True to their Roots: Super Snow-women from the lands of Vancouver

As most of the places in East Africa sweat through the hot summer weather, Rakhi Doshi Vassa, a Super Woman living in Vancouver, Canada was struggling with a completely different issues – too much snow in her backyard!

This young lady came up with a brilliant, and a very creative idea, to deal with the issue -why not build snow-women out of it? Okay, not very innovative but Rakhi’s snow-women were not just any ordinary snow-women wearing a beanie, with a carrot for a nose and a few old buttons poked on its chest.

Rakhi decided to keep the snow-women true to her cultural roots, and she built a Masai and a Gujarati snow-woman.

Speaking about her latest snow creations she said, “For the Masai snow-woman I used two pieces of cloth (original Shuka from Tanzania), with traditional Masai beaded jewelry bought from the Maasai market in Arusha. While for the Gujarati lady, I made her wear a traditional Indian Chaniya choli (blouse and skirt), and completed the look with a necklace, bangles, earrings, head tikka, bindi, and a pair of dandiyas kept on the side.”

Rakhi’s stylish snow-women garnered her some media recognition too. Her creations were featured on the Now Newspaper’s website, and in the North Delta Reporter.

What do you think of Rakhi’s snow-women? Comment below to let us know. We feel they’re absolutely gorgeous!


4 thoughts on “True to their Roots: Super Snow-women from the lands of Vancouver”

  1. Amazing!! Very creative and with a message – you may leave the land but the heart can never forget. Have seen lots of snowmen , but this one takes the cake!


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