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GYLS 2016: A life changing experience

By Sohini Bhatia

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Anthony J. Robbins

Hundreds of people my age filtering in through the same path I had to walk. This is nerve wrecking I told myself. I had a black pit in my stomach telling me to turn around and run as fast as I could, before I made a fool out of myself. Little did I know that I’d be extremely reluctant to leave this very atmosphere in just a few four days.

Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit has proven to be one of the most valuable experiences of my life thus far, and it has prominently motivated me to attempt to be the best individual that I can be, and to support others to be their greatest as well. Now you must be wondering what it is about so here’s a short summary as described on it’s own website

Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) is a five-day program that provides participants age ranges 14 to 17 with an environment designed to boost them into leadership roles that will change their lives and communities.

GYLS’ format includes small group discussions, hands-on service learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises designed to enable summit participants to identify their own particular leadership strengths. Dynamic keynote speakers from around the world present on topics from leadership styles to contribution. At the conclusion of GYLS participants are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to community service.”

In my own words, it is an atmosphere which changes your perspective at the way you view things. It shows you that there’s more than what meets the eye. That it’s vital to try irrespective of failure or accomplishment. That each and every being in the world is just as intricately woven as we are.

The lively and energetic atmosphere transferred me wholly to another world and just being in the setting made me feel encouraged and pleasing. It reinforced me in my communication, control, aim setting abilities, the approach towards myself and my attitude towards involvement in the society. I have developed more self-assurance and individuality in the things that I do now consequently making me an improved and more dependable person. I am able to accept people without forming a mental judgment towards them, without hesitation. Literally, the greatest thing that has ever taken place in my life. The people I encountered there will never be forgotten; the friendship I sensed in just one occasion dazed me so. I overcame so many opinions about myself that had once brought me down but I now see the humor in them from a remarkable lady, Kathy Buckley.

The speakers at GYLS were off the charts! Anand Chulani in his own awe-inspiring way showed us how great it was to be a geek (yes, GEEK!), Marlon Smith directed us throughout and imparted to us that we are all existing for a purpose, Felix Lin assisted us in incapacitating our negative views.

Most of all I’d like to thank my wonderful team coach, Oscar, and youth leader, Cammi, who were with us throughout the whole course of the event and shared with us the importance of faith, backing up each other, and collaboration when working with others. I am forever grateful to GLYS for changing my life.

Next time, come with me and you’ll see for yourself!

Sohini Bhatia is a student and an amateur coder, photographer and artist who aspires to be an architect. You can reach Sohini through:


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