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Organised Chaos

By Yusra Eshaq

For many of us, our days are absolutely chaotic. We have so much to do in so little time. If only we could add more hours into our days. However, as a mum of 3 who needs to juggle being a mummy and a business professional, I’ve come to understand that if we organise our chaos, we will be amazed at how much we can actually get done without realising it!


You often hear the phrase “Make time to exercise“, to be honest I’ve used it myself but the fact of the matter is, by the time you have a moment to yourself, the moment you have some free time, exercising is the LAST thing you want to do! You’re tired and exhausted and the thought of actually moving at all from that soft, warm sofa makes you cringe.  But all is not lost mamas, you CAN squeeze in exercises through your daily chores.

Below is an example of how you can incorporate exercises, exercises you could do between, while, after chores.

First thing you wake up:

Before your shower and breakfast:
3 rounds
20 jumpikg jacks,
jog 20 seconds,
15 jumping jacks,
jog 20 secs,
10 jumping jacks
Jog 10 seconds

Before your next snack or before cooking lunch
3 rounds
20 high knees,
jog 20 seconds,
15 high knees,
jog 20 secs,
10 high knees
Jog 20 seconds

Before eating lunch:
3 rounds
20 low switch kicks,
jog 20 seconds,
15 low switch kicks,
jog 20 secs,
10 low switch kicks
Jog 20 seconds

Before eating dinner or before your last shower of the day:
3 rounds
20 squats,
jog 20 seconds,
15 squats,
jog 20secs,
10 squats
Jog 20 seconds


In total, by end of day you’d have done:
135 jumping jacks
135 high knees
135 low switch kicks
135 squats

Thats 540 reps of exercise without really feeling it, now that’s not bad for someone who doesn’t have time to workout ey? If you can’t allocate 45-60 mins of exercise at one time then break it up and do it through the day. Doing it here and there counts!

Do what works for you and YOUR lifestyle, aslong as you’re doing something, aslong as you’re moving then it ALL counts.

Remember, Organise your chaos.

Yusra Eshaq is a mother of 3 active little ones, Pre & Post Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, Exercise & Sports Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, BSc, Computer Science And Business Admin, MSc with Honours In Internet Computing.


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