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‘I thought my daughter had ADHD while she was just being a child’

By An Anonymous SWEA

I am a single parent with 2 daughters who are fully my responsibility. Their father doesn’t contribute financially , or emotionally, or with any other means. So in this parenthood journey it’s me by myself. Even family wise I don’t have any support from any family member.

My elder daughter who is now 6 had some issues from school since 4 years of age. Teachers complained that she didn’t want to write, she didn’t want to concentrate in class, she didn’t want to sit in one place… like she wasn’t interested in school.

A page written by anonymous’ daughter.

I was very worried about her to a point that I would sit and cry by myself, thinking that God isn’t fair with me. He has to give me all these problems.

I somehow gathered courage and headed out to understand the problem with my daughter. I started reading and did a lot of research. I came across ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and everything I read about it matched with my daughter’s behaviour.

I was very much convinced that she was having that problem, and so I started looking for child psychologists. As was looking for doctors, the good one was not in town till after a week.

A week was a long wait for me so a friend of mine suggested to see Rupal Ganatra, Director at My World Preschool,  before going to the doctors.

I sent her a message via Facebook and agreed on meeting. I went to see her with my daughters books and told her everything about her. She heard everything and told me that your child is very young for all this. She said that she’s still a kid, she needs play time, she’s too young to write all these pages in one day, and she showed me around her school to see different types of activities children do there. She told me my daughter is perfectly fine. She’s just a child who is missing out on her childhood.

I thanked her, and she gave me a warm hug which made me feel everything is going to be alright.

I went back home and started out with the activities with my daughter. I got her a pet too. I allowed her to be lazy sometimes, do what she likes, and tried to get her all the good things she asked for, which most of the time was manilla, glue and zig zag scissors.

A year passed, and now she’s 6 years old. She does her homework herself, after school before even removing her uniform. She knows how to read almost everything. She loves writing, and her handwriting is amazing.

She’s become so mature that I didn’t even realize. She balances her own time all by herself, as I work full time. She makes sure she completes her school work, if it’s homework, or preparing for exams, then only has her play time.

Now when I look at her doing all this, I get happy tears. I can’t thank my God and Rupal enough for all this. God is always there with me, but he sent Rupal to guide me because he couldn’t come himself. This woman has made a big input in my life. I didn’t tell her, or thank her enough, but I want her to always remember that behind all the smiles I have when I see my daughter, her image is also there.


2 thoughts on “‘I thought my daughter had ADHD while she was just being a child’”

  1. Great article…..Perfect to raise awareness to parents n kids that go through such!! A big thumbs up to the educator who made the mom understand the situation!! Who says a single parent (esp a female) cannot raise kids on their own n that too perfectly?? Need more people like u guys in our society!!


    1. Awesome story, thank for sharing and has also made me understand many things, god Bless Rupal always 🙂 and may he give you the courage and strength to get through this journey, its not easy as I also am a single parent with no assistance from the father or his family, and my daughter is 13. ( been doing it for 12 years now)


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