7 Things You Must Carry With You to a Safari Trip

Going for a Safari trip can be exciting, but it is not just any road trip that you can easily pack-up for and head to. Instead, the road adventure in the wild makes it a completely different experience. Therefore, packing all the essential items is necessary to help you enjoy your adventure even more. Here is a list of seven items that you must not forget to pack for your safari trip.



While I was on my safari trip with my husband, one problem that we faced throughout the trip was not having enough memory in our camera, and so we ended up deleting a few pictures to snap some new ones. Make sure you do not make this mistake and carry at least one extra memory card with you. Safari trips are all about taking some great wildlife shots, so you certainly need a lot of memory space in your cameras.


While on a safari trip, you need to keep in mind that you will not always spot an animal at a good distance, instead most of the time you will see them camouflaged behind tall African grasses or sometimes you will see them resting on top of faraway trees, making it really hard to spot them with a naked eye. Therefore, it is essential you carry a pair of binoculars with you to enhance your safari experience and bring the great African wildlife closer to you.


Without a doubt, sunglasses make an important item in the list of essential items to carry with you. In order to protect your eyes from the harsh African sun and from the dust in the wild, sunglasses provide the perfect protection for your eyes. So make sure you pack at least a pair while preparing your luggage for Africa.


A wide brimmed hat is preferable for your safari trip to protect your face and neck from the hostility of the African sun. So make sure you pack a hat, preferably with a cord that would help the hat stick to your head while you drive through the game reserve on high speed with the wind whipping past your face.


Keeping a good quality sunscreen is essential, no matter which month you are travelling in. Sun in the wild can be harsh on your skin, so better keep yourself protected from the ultraviolet rays and enjoy the experience without worrying about getting tanned!


I remember the biggest turnoff on my safari trip was when tiny flying insects that would leave stinging bites even through clothing swarmed us in our game drive cars. As a result, we cut short our game drive on day 1 and went straight back to our resorts for a quick shower. So make sure you go prepared to fight such insects with insect repellents sprays and do not let such tiny insects ruin your trip.


Yes, you read it right, while in the wild when the nature calls, the nearest place that you might find to release your bladders might be right in the bushes. Therefore, it is always a great idea to go prepared with a roll of toilet paper, as a daylong of munching snacks and downing juices in your game drive cars can get pretty heavy on your digestive systems.

Safari trips mean adventure, getting into the wild and witnessing animals in their natural habitats that we might never get to see anywhere else. Safari trips also mean getting dirty in the dusty plains of Africa, fighting the rough winds and the blazing sun. Therefore, it is recommended you go prepared for an adventure like this to enjoy it to your fullest.


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