A Mwanza-based supermarket won us over with their honesty

A few weeks back, I went to Lavena Supermarket (a supermarket here in Mwanza) with my daughter, to get her a few packets of Maggi as she loves having it as an evening snack.

maggi lavena
I had just picked her from school, and I had already a bunch of things in my hand including a few other shopping bags, my daughter’s school bag, her folder and what not.. And that’s how I forgot to pick the shopper of Maggi from the supermarket and left.
I came home to find the bag nowhere, and I was completely not sure if I had left the bag at the supermarket or carried it home with me.

Anyway, with the month of Ramazan, since I was already so lazy, I kept delaying going back to ask if I had left my shopper there.

Almost a week later, I happened to pass by as I already had a few things on my list to buy. I then asked a shop helper if they noticed a shopper of Maggi that I had forgotten to pick up.

The man quickly removed a shopper from one of the racks and handed it to me as it was. I was surprised to see the stuff I had bought were kept for all these days, and the man kept saying ‘Pole’ to apologize for the loss. But I was pleasantly surprised by the honesty of the shopkeepers.

Such small act of kindness and honesty does make a huge difference.

Let’s make a pact to repay kindness, by taking it forward.

Have you come across any random act of kindness by a complete stranger? Let us know in the comments section!


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