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Preserving Coriander – What worked for us!

We had been thinking of ways to preserve coriander in our fridge for days… thanks to the social media, we had come across a number of tips, and ways to preserve coriander, but we were looking for a way that was easy to implement, and let the coriander stay fresh for at least a few weeks.

Here’s everything we tried, and what we thought was the best solution.


1- Here’s what my wonderful MIL used to do. She would open up the bunch of coriander, wash them, dry them then and lay them flat in an air tight box with paper towels laid in between to make separate layers.

I tried this method a couple of times but realized it was too tricky. The coriander had to be washed and then dried completely or else it started to rot before you’d know.

So I would give this experiment a 5/10.


2- The lazy me came up with this… I just let the coriander be in the black shopping bag that it comes in from the sokoni (market), tied it nicely and kept it in the fridge.. 🙈 No washing, nothing!

And guess what…it actually worked!! Coriander was fresh for weeks! An 7/10 for sure!


3- I came across this tip online and decided to give it a try. All you need to do is, remove the string that keeps coriander in a bunch, and place them in a jar with a few inches of water at the bottom, to make sure the roots of the herb reaches it. Then cover it with a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. You won’t imagine how fresh my coriander is and it has been so many days 😁 Rating this a 9/10!


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