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Mastering the No-Makeup Look

The latest trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm is the No-Makeup or the Nude look! This season is all about bidding farewell to the caked on makeup looks, and go for a toned down natural look that enhances your features, using just subtle, earthy colours that go with your natural skin tone.  Here are some essential tips to master the no-makeup look this season.


Invest in Grooming Sessions

Since the no-makeup look demands minimal use of makeup, it is a good idea to cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin regularly. The no-makeup look demands a fresher, younger looking skin that would still look great without layers of foundation and concealer. Investing in healthy grooming sessions should be the first step to acquiring the no-makeup look.

Choose a Tinted Moisturizer that Matches your Skin Tone

A good quality tinted moisturizer works wonders if you are looking for even coverage for your skin, without making it look too out there. Go for a tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone, and leaves your skin looking fresh and airy without making the coverage too obvious.

Brush your Brows

To make your eyebrows look natural yet perfect, it is firstly important to keep them trimmed and neat. While perfecting your no-makeup look, remember eyebrow pencils are a serious no-no. Instead, brush your brows to perfection and if required, use some eyebrow powder that goes well with the natural shade of your brows. However, make sure not to over-do it.

Go for Natural Tones

Set aside the florescent makeup pallets and the bold red lipsticks! For the nude look, all you need is shades of earthy tones that go well with your skin tone, to pair with a natural lip colour. For pale skin tones, opt for shades of pink and peaches. If you have olive undertones, go for shades of creams and beige on your eyes and tones of peach or pale browns for lips. For darker skin tones, go for shades of golden-browns for the eyes and bronze-gold for the lips.

Blush em up!

For the essential blush on your cheeks, go for a cream blush to get a natural-looking glow. Either use a synthetic bristled brush or your fingers to dab some colour on your cheeks. Again, go for a soft, subtle shade that matches your skin tone. The best technique is to start from the apple of your cheeks and work outwards towards the hairline. Make sure not to overdo it and keep it simple!

Befriend the Mascara!

For the au naturel look, you don’t require layers of eye shadows and thick eyeliners to make a statement. Instead, your mascara wand can work as a magic wand to get you the perfect look. A few layers of mascara can help add a touch of oomph to a barely there, natural look. If you wish to add a more glamorous touch, you can add fake lashes or use a stroke of thin eyeliner.


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