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Oyster Bay – For Sea, Snacks and Fun

Oyster Bay is probably one place that needs no introduction. The great view by the sea that Oyster Bay offers its every visitor makes it a great hangout place to spend time at and devour some delicious snacks at the same time, making it a perfect spot to spend weekends at. No wonder, you will always find the place crowded with people from all age, caste and race, sitting together and enjoying cool coastal winds, while savouring a plate of freshly fried mohogo with a spicy kachumbari, grilled mishkaki with a tangy chilli sauce or a packet of crispy mohogo chips to munch down the way back home.

Oyster Bay makes a regular weekend hangout spot for my family and me as we take a ride around the city of Dar es Salaam. Below are a few reasons why we never get tired of visiting this wonderful hangout spot by the sea.

It’s local

Every time I visit the Oyster Bay and come across people from different castes and creeds, I realize how well-integrated the Swahili food and culture has become into the lives of most of us. Eating local food and speaking words of Kiswahili while communicating with mohogo and mishkaki vendors, every one of us, whether a local or an expatriate, is deemed to fall in love with beautiful culture of Tanzania. Oyster Bay makes a great place to celebrate the Swahili culture with a variety of local snacks and drinks that are easily available to all.


Affordability is yet another factor that brings together people from all across the city of Dar es Salaam to enjoy a brilliant view and the delicious local food sold at a very nominal price. In just 10,000 Tanzanian Shilling, one can enjoy a filling meal of about a dozen mishkaki sticks, a plate of fried mohogo with spicy salad and a bag of freshly fried mohogo chips, seasoned according to your likings. What can be a better deal than to spend just a fraction of the sum at Oyster Bay that one would easily spend at a high-end restaurant, yet enjoy a variety of filling and delicious food items? Oyster Bay offers it all to its visitors, at a very reasonable price to make sure the factor of affordability remains one of the major attractions of the place.

Great view

Just thinking about watching the sunset near the coast of the Indian Ocean, while feeling the freshness of the coastal winds passing by one’s face, take one’s mind to a completely different place – far away from the hustle bustle of the everyday life, and closer to the nature. If you wish to experience something similar, but cannot afford to go for an expensive beach holiday, Oyster Bay is the place to be. Located very near to the Coco Beach, and just by the coastline of the Indian Ocean, the Oyster Bay is a perfect place to spend a few hours to relax and take one’s mind off the stress of everyday life. If you are the adventurous kind, you can even enjoy some exciting water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, kite-surfing, skim-boarding, surfing or if you can just take a dip in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and unwind yourself.

Great food

More than anything, Oyster Bay is famous for the great quality local food that is sold at the place. Mohogo, mishkaki, and fried sweet potato with a side of spicy salad made of grated cabbage and pureed tomatoes along with a dressing of lemon juice and red chilli makes some of the popular snacks sold at Oyster Bay. The huge demand for this variety of local food means a number of food vendors opening stalls to sell a scrumptious platter of local snacks at a very nominal price. No wonder, every time one enters this region of the Oyster Bay area, one is likely to be greeted by crowds of food vendors, all offering to sell tastier food than the rest at an unbelievable price. Without a doubt, more than anything, the delicious food sold at the Oyster Bay remains the major attraction for many coming over to look for a light afternoon snack.


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