Tips to nailing a job interview

You have passed the first step to landing your dream job, that is getting your resume or CV approved for a job opening, and now you find yourself gearing up for the most nerve-wrecking step – the job interview!

As the saying goes, ‘first impression is always the last one.’ It definitely stands true for a job interview.

However, the good news is that by practicing just a few essential points, you are sure to create the best impression on your interviewers and are sure to land your dream job!

We at SWEA, sat down to think about all the job interviews that we have been a part of, some successful, and others well… we never heard from the employers again, and we came up with a list of Dos and Donts to keep in mind for future references, and help you with your job interviews too.

  • Know the position you are applying for

Yep, it is a managerial level position that you have applied for, but what exactly does the job demand? Make sure you go through the job description thoroughly, and have been through the company profile to know what your potential job position requires of its employees. What are the work hours like, what qualifications are necessary and what skills are required to be a productive employee for the company? Some thorough research and calculations are much-required before you wear your new suit and see yourself face-to-face with your interviewer. So, make sure your homework is done well.

  • Dress to impress

Speaking about wearing your new suit, yes it does put a good impression on your employees. Make sure you are well-dressed, are looking great and presentable. A company would love to hire someone who represents their company in a good light, and an employee of a company becomes a walking brand identity for them.

  • Body language

Body language is a huge form of non-verbal communication. Just from the way you are sitting, or speaking to your interviewer, it can suggest if you are confident, relaxed, nervous or unsure of yourself. Some tips to make sure you are giving off positive energies with your body language, is to make sure you are sitting straight, not fidgeting with anything, and are alert and listening carefully to your what your interviewer is saying.

  • Be yourself

No matter how badly you want this job, don’t try to be what you ‘think’ the job requires. Just be confident of your skills, and don’t try to portray someone who is completely different from what you actually are. If are a good fit for your job, you will get it, otherwise the position is not suitable for you. If you are not being yourself, remember the interviewer has tons of experience interviewing potential employees, and will sense your lack of authenticity in no time.

  • Follow up

Once you are done with the interview, write a short email or send a hand-written note to your interviewer thanking them of taking out time to interview you, and considering you suitable for the said position. It will create a good impression on your interviewer, and will let them know that you are just as keen to be a part of the company.


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