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Freshen up Your Home for Spring

As the cooler months of Dar es Salaam pass by, it is time for the season of spring to takeover, which calls for some serious spring-cleaning! As the temperature gets higher and your house starts feeling stuffier with all the clutter around, it is time to get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs and all the extra things that have been lying on your dresser, side tables and your cupboards since forever!

Let us state the truth; spring-cleaning is probably not the first thing on your mind at this time, and cleaning can really get a huge task to undertake, and at this time you are probably wasting half of your time deciding where to start from. Although we cannot practically offer you a helping hand, as you take-over the monstrous task of spring-cleaning, nevertheless, through this article we hope to share some invaluable tips to make the job a lot easier for you.

Start with a plan


Our first advice for you is to start with a clear plan in your mind, and start working at one spot and then move to the next spot of your house. If you decide to decide to clean your cupboards first, stick to the plan and once you are completely satisfied with the number of old clothes you have taken out for donation and with the whole lot of newfound space in your cupboards, it is time you should move on to your next spot on your radar.

Organize your laundry


Your clothes are possibly the first thing to clutter your room every morning you wake up. So take extra care in organizing your laundry. Make sure you dump your dirty clothes in the laundry baskets, and carefully hang your freshly washed clothes in your cupboards. It is also a great idea to organize your cupboard and assign a specific drawer or space for all your different kinds of clothes. This would make the task of looking for your clothes much easier, and this would also ensure that every time you open your cupboard, you are welcomed with the beautiful sight of organized linen, instead of piles of clothes falling right on your face.

Update bed linens


One easy way to give your bedroom a makeover is by changing your bed sheets for newer prints and colours. So, before you start getting your hands dirty spring-cleaning your home, it is always a great idea to go do a little shopping and buy a couple of new bed linens to help give your bedroom a quick new look.

Dust your light bulbs


If you were looking for an easy way to lighten your room up, I would say instead of investing on a huge chandeliers and other lightening, get rid of the layers of dust that cover your room’s light bulbs. Just unscrew the light bulbs, and use a lightly damped microfiber cloth over the bulbs to remove the dust and stains over them. TA-DA, your room looks a lot brighter now!

Add a touch of green


Get some fresh air right into your living room with a few houseplants. Some examples of air-cleaning plants are spider plants, English ivy, rubber plans and peace lilies. What a beautiful way of freshening up your home environment! Also, why not add some colour to your rooms and use some flowers to decorate your dresser or the dining table? With houseplants and fresh flowers, your spring-cleaning is certainly going in the right direction!

Clean carpets and rugs


It is about time you wash off all the dirty stains that have been there on your carpets and rugs for long, due to the spaghetti sauce spillage, and the dirty paw marks left behind by your pets. Make a homemade carpet detergent to help you with the cleaning with a cup of water, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Works like a charm every time!

Reorganize Bookshelves


It is likely that you do not use all the books that inhabit your bookshelves, so this is a great time to donate some to public libraries or orphanages. Take your time to carefully select those books and magazines that you do not need anymore. Organize rest of the books according to their size and subject to make it easier for you to look for books. Also, make sure to keep the books that you frequently read at an arm’s length, and place the lesser used ones on the higher shelves.


Spring-cleaning can certainly be a huge task to take over. However, with a clear plan in your mind, and by slowly taking over different spots of your home, the task can get a lot easier! So, keep your calm this spring and get ready to give your home a totally new look. Happy spring-cleaning!


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