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Freshen up Your Home for Spring

As the cooler months of Dar es Salaam pass by, it is time for the season of spring to takeover, which calls for some serious spring-cleaning! As the temperature gets higher and your house starts feeling stuffier with all the clutter around, it is time to get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs and all the extra things that have been lying on your dresser, side tables and your cupboards since forever!

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A Day At The Maasai Market

Maasai Markets in Dar es Salaam make a true festival of colours, creativity, art and a great way to support the Maasai community. We at SWEA love to shop at the Maasai markets, not only because of the variety of interesting stuff they sell but also because of the unique craftsmanship of the Maasai that makes every product displayed in full glory at the Maasai shops, a piece of art in itself. We recently went to visit the Maasai market in Slipway, Msasani and thought to share what we saw from behind the lenses of our camera.

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5 Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Running to a doctor for the slightest sign of ill-health may not be a good idea. Sometimes, drugs can do more harm than good. They can undoubtedly provide temporary relief but can harm the body’s immune system in the long run.

Simple ailments like coughs, colds, headaches, sore throat and constipation can be easily treated at home with minimum cost and maximum safety. Below are some natural home remedies for non-severe common ailments.

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Unspoken truths of living abroad

By Khairoon Abbas

Born and raised in Dar-es-salaam, I always imagined I would spend most of my life at home, close to my family and those I love the most. I first moved abroad when I was four years old, then again at 12 years old, and lastly at 18 when I decided to pursue my post-secondary education abroad. Back then and increasingly now, our world is no longer defined by distance. Thanks to affordable travel, we can cross time zones in, literally, no time.

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5 Pregnancy and Post-Partum Questions Answered!

For first-time mommies, pregnancy, and post-partum can be a confusing period. The fact that doctors claim, ‘no two pregnancies are the same,’ makes it even difficult for expecting moms to analyze their situations and realize every phase that they go through is actually normal.

We did some research and asked a number of new moms through online forums to learn what are some of the most puzzling queries that they have during pregnancy or while parenting, and decided to answer  some of those queries through our online platform.

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Tips to nailing a job interview

You have passed the first step to landing your dream job, that is getting your resume or CV approved for a job opening, and now you find yourself gearing up for the most nerve-wrecking step – the job interview!

As the saying goes, ‘first impression is always the last one.’ It definitely stands true for a job interview.

However, the good news is that by practicing just a few essential points, you are sure to create the best impression on your interviewers and are sure to land your dream job!

We at SWEA, sat down to think about all the job interviews that we have been a part of, some successful, and others well… we never heard from the employers again, and we came up with a list of Dos and Donts to keep in mind for future references, and help you with your job interviews too.

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Tried and Tested: Tips to fight hair-fall

Don’t we all wish we could have long lustrous hair that we could flaunt regardless of the humid East African climate? – Sigh, in this heat and humidity that only seems like a dream.

Struggling with hair-fall myself, I usually end up chopping my hair much shorter, to avoid combing them altogether and see the horror of broken hair on my hairbrush.

However, getting a haircut is certainly not the solution to hair-fall. Thus we took to the Super Women of East Africa group to look for answers, and got some brilliant tips from some of our followers.

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