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Health Talk: 3 Ways the Parsley Green Drink Can Change Your Life

By Sharmeen Merali

Personally I am not a great fan of ‘healthy drinks’ as some like to call it, in fact If someone asks me to drink them, I put on a frown that resembles an upside down rollercoaster! However these drinks are really valuable to one’s health and lifestyle. If you search the net, you will be amazed in regards to the number of benefits, like if you include this in your daily life, you might not have to visit the doctors at all, how great is that?

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Women and Hair loss: A silent personal stigma

By Khadija Hussein Pothi

A lot of women suffer from this problem, and it silently impacts our daily lives by increasing stress, affecting our self-esteem and ultimately our social interactions. We as women need to feel beautiful when we look at ourselves in the mirror, and hair is an important element of our body that defines us as women and accentuates our beauty, hence the need to preserve it and maintain it at all costs.

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Busted: Common Skincare Myths Exposed!

One can easily survive a bad hair day by hiding their hair behind a huge hat, or wrapping a scarf around their head but when an ugly zit decides to make a spot on a pretty face, the only solution that one can think of would be to ground themselves until the zit, and the ugly marks are gone. No wonder, the first thing every woman wishes for when she wakes up in the morning is – fresh, beautiful and flawless skin, always!

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