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Importance of family mealtimes

By Tahera Janoowalla
Life has become very busy. We have too many commitments and not enough time to fulfill them. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Our lives are spent adhering to our various schedules. A family of passing ships en route to various destinations. With maybe only a second to say Hi! Or Bye!

For families spending quality time together has become very difficult in the present day and age.

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Oyster Bay – For Sea, Snacks and Fun

Oyster Bay is probably one place that needs no introduction. The great view by the sea that Oyster Bay offers its every visitor makes it a great hangout place to spend time at and devour some delicious snacks at the same time, making it a perfect spot to spend weekends at. No wonder, you will always find the place crowded with people from all age, caste and race, sitting together and enjoying cool coastal winds, while savouring a plate of freshly fried mohogo with a spicy kachumbari, grilled mishkaki with a tangy chilli sauce or a packet of crispy mohogo chips to munch down the way back home.

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Preserving Coriander – What worked for us!

We had been thinking of ways to preserve coriander in our fridge for days… thanks to the social media, we had come across a number of tips, and ways to preserve coriander, but we were looking for a way that was easy to implement, and let the coriander stay fresh for at least a few weeks.

Here’s everything we tried, and what we thought was the best solution.

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Potato Samosa

By Zainab Mufaddal

Potato samosas take me back in time, to my student life. When potato samosa was my staple meal along with a hot cup of tea. These samosas are filling, easy on pocket, and very tasty too.

Even though you can easily find them in Pakistan (my hometown) or in Tanzania, but I love making them at home. I add tamarind pulp in the samosas, which make them sour and spicy

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SWEA Mwanza Meetup

Living in a small town like Mwanza has its perks. From enjoying a laid back lifestyle, to breathing in a dose of fresh air everyday, around abundant natural beauty. However, cons lie in zero to little social life, and just few places to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Thank God for the Super Women of East Africa Facebook group, we were able to organize the first-ever Mwanza meet-up at one of the best hangout places in the town, Alpha Fun’s Restaurant in Rockcity Mall.

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A Colombian Comfort Food; Changua

By Rupal Ganatra

It was raining heavily outside today, and together with a craving for hot comfort food, came the realization that I couldn’t walk to the shops… I reviewed the contents of my pantry, and wondered could one make soup with milk and eggs?

It turns out that not only can one do that, but it is simple delicious comfort in a bowl ☺️. Inspired by the Colombian recipe for Changua; milk & egg soup, I headed into my wee kitchen and whipped up a batch.

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