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SWEA Mwanza Meetup

Living in a small town like Mwanza has its perks. From enjoying a laid back lifestyle, to breathing in a dose of fresh air everyday, around abundant natural beauty. However, cons lie in zero to little social life, and just few places to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Thank God for the Super Women of East Africa Facebook group, we were able to organize the first-ever Mwanza meet-up at one of the best hangout places in the town, Alpha Fun’s Restaurant in Rockcity Mall.

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A Colombian Comfort Food; Changua

By Rupal Ganatra

It was raining heavily outside today, and together with a craving for hot comfort food, came the realization that I couldn’t walk to the shops… I reviewed the contents of my pantry, and wondered could one make soup with milk and eggs?

It turns out that not only can one do that, but it is simple delicious comfort in a bowl ☺️. Inspired by the Colombian recipe for Changua; milk & egg soup, I headed into my wee kitchen and whipped up a batch.

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Egg Curry to Live For!

By Rupal Ganatra

We received six fresh farm eggs for Christmas, and I wondered what we should do with them…. the answer was naturally to make Aunty Panna’s delicious egg curry! She very kindly shared the secret recipe, and gave me permission to blog it too… Mwahhhh 😘!

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This Tanzanian student presented a local Swahili dish, and wow-ed her friends!

Sakina Mukarram Amijee, is a special member of the Facebook group, Super Women of East Africa. She is the brilliant artist behind our super-cool website and Facebook group cover!

Little did we know, apart from her artistic talents, she can quite cook up a storm, when at it!

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Health Talk: 3 Ways the Parsley Green Drink Can Change Your Life

By Sharmeen Merali

Personally I am not a great fan of ‘healthy drinks’ as some like to call it, in fact If someone asks me to drink them, I put on a frown that resembles an upside down rollercoaster! However these drinks are really valuable to one’s health and lifestyle. If you search the net, you will be amazed in regards to the number of benefits, like if you include this in your daily life, you might not have to visit the doctors at all, how great is that?

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A different side of coffee

By Sharmeen Merali

It has often been suggested that having too much Coffee is a no-no for your health I even started to believe that I was going downhill given my ‘I have to have a giant mug of coffee per day’ routine. Clearly I was wrong and I feel bad for telling my brother off for downing a whole thermos of black coffee every day!

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Trying to sneak some veggies in your child’s diet? Try this fun Veggie Vehicle!

As much as you’d want your kids to eat healthy, it seems like a daunting task, given the number of unhealthy options available so easily. A lot of times parents plead guilty to letting their kids have too much of frizz, junk or sugary foods.

And hence, the million dollar question remains, ‘How to make them finish the veggies?’

Arwa Muffadal Taibali, a young mother of two has it all figured!

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