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My Story – Losing a Loved One to Finding My True Calling

By Asma Raja
After my mom’s surgery, she was on medication for cancer. I remember having to change everything about my life. I had to do everything for myself for once. Before cancer, mom was up before me and made breakfast and lunch. Now I got up and did everything by myself. I got money for lunch. I remember that when I didn’t want to go to school or was really ill I had to wake her up and tell her that I wasn’t going to go to school.

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Organised Chaos

By Yusra Eshaq

For many of us, our days are absolutely chaotic. We have so much to do in so little time. If only we could add more hours into our days. However, as a mum of 3 who needs to juggle being a mummy and a business professional, I’ve come to understand that if we organise our chaos, we will be amazed at how much we can actually get done without realising it!

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Raising a child with cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is known as a neurological disorder that usually occurs in early childhood and can permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination.

I too was unaware of this condition, until Zainab Huzefa Hajee, a mother of two, based in Houston, USA messaged me on Facebook to narrate her story of bringing up her 11-year old daughter Umme Salama who suffers from the condition.

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5 minute workout for the busy Super Women!

By Yusra Eshaq

No time to exercise? I call it bullshit!

Sorry but we ALL have 5 mins in our day. If you’re healthy and If you have time to be on social media then you have time to workout. We don’t exercise because we don’t want to, not because we can’t.

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The magic of Reiki

By Rupal Ganatra

Since being re-initiated into the magic of reiki a few months ago (my first experience many years ago being one which I could not connect with), I have been calling upon this beautiful non-invasive gentle healing modality on a regular basis; for myself, family, friends, and others.

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A Colombian Comfort Food; Changua

By Rupal Ganatra

It was raining heavily outside today, and together with a craving for hot comfort food, came the realization that I couldn’t walk to the shops… I reviewed the contents of my pantry, and wondered could one make soup with milk and eggs?

It turns out that not only can one do that, but it is simple delicious comfort in a bowl ☺️. Inspired by the Colombian recipe for Changua; milk & egg soup, I headed into my wee kitchen and whipped up a batch.

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Egg Curry to Live For!

By Rupal Ganatra

We received six fresh farm eggs for Christmas, and I wondered what we should do with them…. the answer was naturally to make Aunty Panna’s delicious egg curry! She very kindly shared the secret recipe, and gave me permission to blog it too… Mwahhhh 😘!

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