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5 Pregnancy and Post-Partum Questions Answered!

For first-time mommies, pregnancy, and post-partum can be a confusing period. The fact that doctors claim, ‘no two pregnancies are the same,’ makes it even difficult for expecting moms to analyze their situations and realize every phase that they go through is actually normal.

We did some research and asked a number of new moms through online forums to learn what are some of the most puzzling queries that they have during pregnancy or while parenting, and decided to answer  some of those queries through our online platform.

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Importance of family mealtimes

By Tahera Janoowalla
Life has become very busy. We have too many commitments and not enough time to fulfill them. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Our lives are spent adhering to our various schedules. A family of passing ships en route to various destinations. With maybe only a second to say Hi! Or Bye!

For families spending quality time together has become very difficult in the present day and age.

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Exclusive breastfeeding: Crucial for child growth 

By Khairoon Abbas


What is the first thing many of us do when we wake up in the morning? We may not proudly admit it, but we check our mobile phones first to check the time, and then we scroll through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram newsfeeds to see what our friends are up to and get the breaking news of the day. We do all this, while we are still in bed. 

As a 31-year old woman and mother, I realize just how lucky we are to be part of information or digital age or new media age, where we have access to information at our finger tips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


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Frozen 2 has a release date, and here’s how we feel about it!

By Sakina Nanabhai

Disney recently announced Frozen 2 to be released on November 27th 2019.

While my toddler is extremely excited to hear this news, I being a mother, am scared for my life, but quite happy as well.

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‘I thought my daughter had ADHD while she was just being a child’

By An Anonymous SWEA

I am a single parent with 2 daughters who are fully my responsibility. Their father doesn’t contribute financially , or emotionally, or with any other means. So in this parenthood journey it’s me by myself. Even family wise I don’t have any support from any family member.

My elder daughter who is now 6 had some issues from school since 4 years of age. Teachers complained that she didn’t want to write, she didn’t want to concentrate in class, she didn’t want to sit in one place… like she wasn’t interested in school.

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Raising a child with cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is known as a neurological disorder that usually occurs in early childhood and can permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination.

I too was unaware of this condition, until Zainab Huzefa Hajee, a mother of two, based in Houston, USA messaged me on Facebook to narrate her story of bringing up her 11-year old daughter Umme Salama who suffers from the condition.

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Trying to sneak some veggies in your child’s diet? Try this fun Veggie Vehicle!

As much as you’d want your kids to eat healthy, it seems like a daunting task, given the number of unhealthy options available so easily. A lot of times parents plead guilty to letting their kids have too much of frizz, junk or sugary foods.

And hence, the million dollar question remains, ‘How to make them finish the veggies?’

Arwa Muffadal Taibali, a young mother of two has it all figured!

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