Lamu – The Pride of Kenya

By Sarrah Murtaza

Lamu! A beautiful and peaceful tropical island. Perhaps one of the oldest town in Kenya dating back to 1370s. Initially, a Swahili settlement but the Portuguese, Omanis, Turkish all left a bit of their footprints.

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Oyster Bay – For Sea, Snacks and Fun

Oyster Bay is probably one place that needs no introduction. The great view by the sea that Oyster Bay offers its every visitor makes it a great hangout place to spend time at and devour some delicious snacks at the same time, making it a perfect spot to spend weekends at. No wonder, you will always find the place crowded with people from all age, caste and race, sitting together and enjoying cool coastal winds, while savouring a plate of freshly fried mohogo with a spicy kachumbari, grilled mishkaki with a tangy chilli sauce or a packet of crispy mohogo chips to munch down the way back home.

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7 Things to do in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam can be a fun place to explore especially when you know what to do, where to go and what places to explore. Although, mostly seen as a transit destination to travel over to Zanzibar or one of the many national parks in Tanzania, the city of Dar es Salaam is barely explored by tourists coming over from around the world.

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7 reasons how travelling makes you a better person

As you pack your travel bags to take a break from your everyday routine life, you might not realize but this experience may end up changing your personality for the better. Don’t believe me? Well then here are a few on points how travelling can change your outlook of life and transform you into a better person.

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7 Things You Must Carry With You to a Safari Trip

Going for a Safari trip can be exciting, but it is not just any road trip that you can easily pack-up for and head to. Instead, the road adventure in the wild makes it a completely different experience. Therefore, packing all the essential items is necessary to help you enjoy your adventure even more. Here is a list of seven items that you must not forget to pack for your safari trip.

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Unearthing the Slave Routes of Tanzania

Tanzania, known for its abundant wildlife, endless plains of Serengeti national park, tall mountains, fresh water lakes and picture perfect beaches hides a mysterious history beneath its fertile soil and glorious landscapes. Tanzania was once one of the biggest and hottest markets for slave trade in Africa.

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7 Tips for Stunning Landscape Photography

Travelling to new places, and capturing the beauty of beautiful landscapes from behind the lens, is probably one skill that every bag-packer or traveler wishes to master. No matter, how easy the latest camera devices makes it to click images in perfect resolution, the technicalities behind clicking jaw-dropping and stunning landscape photography, seems impossible to accomplish for most of us.

Nevertheless, the good news is that by keeping just a few important tips in mind, one can click almost perfect landscape pictures, and we are giving away some of the greatest photography secrets through this article!

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