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Raising a child with cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is known as a neurological disorder that usually occurs in early childhood and can permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination.

I too was unaware of this condition, until Zainab Huzefa Hajee, a mother of two, based in Houston, USA messaged me on Facebook to narrate her story of bringing up her 11-year old daughter Umme Salama who suffers from the condition.

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5 minute workout for the busy Super Women!

By Yusra Eshaq

No time to exercise? I call it bullshit!

Sorry but we ALL have 5 mins in our day. If you’re healthy and If you have time to be on social media then you have time to workout. We don’t exercise because we don’t want to, not because we can’t.

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Nafisa Khanbhai – From fighting disability to helping others

If you feel disability is a sign of weakness, think again!

Nafisa Khanbhai, from Mombasa, Kenya is breaking all the preconceptions about disabilities, as she ascends her wheelchair every morning with a motive to make the world a better place for the ones trying hard to make a name for themselves, despite their physical disabilities and the stigma attached.

SWEA got in touch with Nafisa Khanbhai to know about her exceptional story and how she got the idea to start something so remarkable with Dear Diary Kenya Initiative.

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True to their Roots: Super Snow-women from the lands of Vancouver

As most of the places in East Africa sweat through the hot summer weather, Rakhi Doshi Vassa, a Super Woman living in Vancouver, Canada was struggling with a completely different issues – too much snow in her backyard!

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SWEA Mwanza Meetup

Living in a small town like Mwanza has its perks. From enjoying a laid back lifestyle, to breathing in a dose of fresh air everyday, around abundant natural beauty. However, cons lie in zero to little social life, and just few places to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Thank God for the Super Women of East Africa Facebook group, we were able to organize the first-ever Mwanza meet-up at one of the best hangout places in the town, Alpha Fun’s Restaurant in Rockcity Mall.

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The magic of Reiki

By Rupal Ganatra

Since being re-initiated into the magic of reiki a few months ago (my first experience many years ago being one which I could not connect with), I have been calling upon this beautiful non-invasive gentle healing modality on a regular basis; for myself, family, friends, and others.

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