A Day At The Maasai Market

Maasai Markets in Dar es Salaam make a true festival of colours, creativity, art and a great way to support the Maasai community. We at SWEA love to shop at the Maasai markets, not only because of the variety of interesting stuff they sell but also because of the unique craftsmanship of the Maasai that makes every product displayed in full glory at the Maasai shops, a piece of art in itself. We recently went to visit the Maasai market in Slipway, Msasani and thought to share what we saw from behind the lenses of our camera.

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Oyster Bay – For Sea, Snacks and Fun

Oyster Bay is probably one place that needs no introduction. The great view by the sea that Oyster Bay offers its every visitor makes it a great hangout place to spend time at and devour some delicious snacks at the same time, making it a perfect spot to spend weekends at. No wonder, you will always find the place crowded with people from all age, caste and race, sitting together and enjoying cool coastal winds, while savouring a plate of freshly fried mohogo with a spicy kachumbari, grilled mishkaki with a tangy chilli sauce or a packet of crispy mohogo chips to munch down the way back home.

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7 Things to do in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam can be a fun place to explore especially when you know what to do, where to go and what places to explore. Although, mostly seen as a transit destination to travel over to Zanzibar or one of the many national parks in Tanzania, the city of Dar es Salaam is barely explored by tourists coming over from around the world.

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