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Freshen up Your Home for Spring

As the cooler months of Dar es Salaam pass by, it is time for the season of spring to takeover, which calls for some serious spring-cleaning! As the temperature gets higher and your house starts feeling stuffier with all the clutter around, it is time to get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs and all the extra things that have been lying on your dresser, side tables and your cupboards since forever!

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5 Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Running to a doctor for the slightest sign of ill-health may not be a good idea. Sometimes, drugs can do more harm than good. They can undoubtedly provide temporary relief but can harm the body’s immune system in the long run.

Simple ailments like coughs, colds, headaches, sore throat and constipation can be easily treated at home with minimum cost and maximum safety. Below are some natural home remedies for non-severe common ailments.

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DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Since I was feeling kinda crafty and DIYish (I hope that’s a word), I decided to try making my own lip scrub at home and it turned out amazing!! My daughter especially loved it since it tasted all sugary and smelled of vanilla! 😍 It gave my lips a really soft and moisturized feel the entire day, plus a slight red stain. Win win!

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Mastering the No-Makeup Look

The latest trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm is the No-Makeup or the Nude look! This season is all about bidding farewell to the caked on makeup looks, and go for a toned down natural look that enhances your features, using just subtle, earthy colours that go with your natural skin tone.  Here are some essential tips to master the no-makeup look this season.

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Decorate Your Home Using Things You Already Own

By  Arwa Muffadal Taibali

The easiest and least expensive way to decorate your home is to use things you already have hidden in the depths of your house. Some of these items might need a little updating, and others will simply need to be cleaned up and properly displayed. Instead of spending money on something new, search through your closets and drawers to find items that can be recycled into beautiful works of art.

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Tried and Tested: DiY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the Super Women of East Africa Facebook group has been abuzz with some wonderful DiY ideas shared by its members.

Below are some of tried and tested ideas taken up by the super women. Which one are you going to pick? Let us know in the comments section below.

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