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Organised Chaos

By Yusra Eshaq

For many of us, our days are absolutely chaotic. We have so much to do in so little time. If only we could add more hours into our days. However, as a mum of 3 who needs to juggle being a mummy and a business professional, I’ve come to understand that if we organise our chaos, we will be amazed at how much we can actually get done without realising it!

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5 minute workout for the busy Super Women!

By Yusra Eshaq

No time to exercise? I call it bullshit!

Sorry but we ALL have 5 mins in our day. If you’re healthy and If you have time to be on social media then you have time to workout. We don’t exercise because we don’t want to, not because we can’t.

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Breaking the Mould: A Fitness Expert’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey

By Yusra Eshaq

With two vaginal deliveries and an almost painless recovery, I thought the third time around would be just the same. We found out we were pregnant in April 2015 (after 6 months of trying and 2 back to back chemical pregnancies) and we were ecstatic even though I was very nervous as our second was only 13 months at the time. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle 2 under 2.

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