7 Tips for Stunning Landscape Photography

Travelling to new places, and capturing the beauty of beautiful landscapes from behind the lens, is probably one skill that every bag-packer or traveler wishes to master. No matter, how easy the latest camera devices makes it to click images in perfect resolution, the technicalities behind clicking jaw-dropping and stunning landscape photography, seems impossible to accomplish for most of us.

Nevertheless, the good news is that by keeping just a few important tips in mind, one can click almost perfect landscape pictures, and we are giving away some of the greatest photography secrets through this article!

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My Journey – Managing a Family while Pursuing ACCA

By Sarrah Murtaza

I come from a very humble background. There were times when our financial situation would go from bad to worse. It was at that tender age of eighteen where I knew the value of every shilling.

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Elivava Mensah: From a domestic abuse victim to a singer and a philanthropist

By Tina (Elivava) Mensah

My name is Elivava, I’m singer and performer from Ghana. A victim of domestic violence, and someone who had been suppressed in the male dominated Ghanaian society. Being the only girl child among 5 boys, I learnt to fight to empower myself for my freedom among boys as a child, and men as I grew up.

My brothers, family, society, made me feel less than myself and even said it to my face that it was my fate because I am a woman.

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Nafisa Khanbhai – From fighting disability to helping others

If you feel disability is a sign of weakness, think again!

Nafisa Khanbhai, from Mombasa, Kenya is breaking all the preconceptions about disabilities, as she ascends her wheelchair every morning with a motive to make the world a better place for the ones trying hard to make a name for themselves, despite their physical disabilities and the stigma attached.

SWEA got in touch with Nafisa Khanbhai to know about her exceptional story and how she got the idea to start something so remarkable with Dear Diary Kenya Initiative.

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A Man’s Journey from Drug Addiction to Rehabilitating Other Addicts

The Super Women of East Africa Facebook group is always active with discussions revolving around real life issues. One of the posts that created quite a stir in the group was related to drug addiction, and a super woman distressed about a family member who was on the verge of ruining his life due to  his addiction.

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Interview: A woman’s journey from fighting a fatal disease to never giving up!

We tend to come across a lot of people every day, but do we ever wonder about the stories they hide behind their smiles?

Meet Sharmeen Merali, an ever-smiling girl, full of compliments and love for everyone. Who despite fighting a fatal disease, having over 20 surgeries done, and struggling every day with her insecurities, today manages to stand tall and boost an exceptional career and an even beautiful personality. We caught up with Sharmeen to know a little more about her journey

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