Lamu – The Pride of Kenya

By Sarrah Murtaza

Lamu! A beautiful and peaceful tropical island. Perhaps one of the oldest town in Kenya dating back to 1370s. Initially, a Swahili settlement but the Portuguese, Omanis, Turkish all left a bit of their footprints.

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Nafisa Khanbhai – From fighting disability to helping others

If you feel disability is a sign of weakness, think again!

Nafisa Khanbhai, from Mombasa, Kenya is breaking all the preconceptions about disabilities, as she ascends her wheelchair every morning with a motive to make the world a better place for the ones trying hard to make a name for themselves, despite their physical disabilities and the stigma attached.

SWEA got in touch with Nafisa Khanbhai to know about her exceptional story and how she got the idea to start something so remarkable with Dear Diary Kenya Initiative.

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