A Mwanza-based supermarket won us over with their honesty

A few weeks back, I went to Lavena Supermarket (a supermarket here in Mwanza) with my daughter, to get her a few packets of Maggi as she loves having it as an evening snack.

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If a minion can make it to Mt. Kilimanjaro, why not you?

Not many people were sure if little miss delicate could make it to the tallest mount of Africa, including myself. Early last year, I lost my job with an amazing position, was surviving on savings and was facing unending stressful situations. However, there was a voice in me that made me feel strong and realize that my life was larger and braver than my problems. I was determined to do what I feared the most and to overcome my anxieties. I was ready to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. My fears paved a way for a will power that made me jog for 15 kilometers a day,  ascend and descend tall buildings 20 times at a stretch and get fond of eating healthy food!

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My Journey – Managing a Family while Pursuing ACCA

By Sarrah Murtaza

I come from a very humble background. There were times when our financial situation would go from bad to worse. It was at that tender age of eighteen where I knew the value of every shilling.

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Elivava Mensah: From a domestic abuse victim to a singer and a philanthropist

By Tina (Elivava) Mensah

My name is Elivava, I’m singer and performer from Ghana. A victim of domestic violence, and someone who had been suppressed in the male dominated Ghanaian society. Being the only girl child among 5 boys, I learnt to fight to empower myself for my freedom among boys as a child, and men as I grew up.

My brothers, family, society, made me feel less than myself and even said it to my face that it was my fate because I am a woman.

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Nafisa Khanbhai – From fighting disability to helping others

If you feel disability is a sign of weakness, think again!

Nafisa Khanbhai, from Mombasa, Kenya is breaking all the preconceptions about disabilities, as she ascends her wheelchair every morning with a motive to make the world a better place for the ones trying hard to make a name for themselves, despite their physical disabilities and the stigma attached.

SWEA got in touch with Nafisa Khanbhai to know about her exceptional story and how she got the idea to start something so remarkable with Dear Diary Kenya Initiative.

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Durriya Kapasi: From a Cancer Survivor to an Author


If there is anything stronger than cancer, then it’s self-will.

One inspiring example of a cancer survivor is Durriya Kapasi. A lady, who stands strong, despite having fought the devastating disease, all thanks to her positive attitude, her fighting spirit, and a supportive family.

Although, cancer did temporarily put a halt to Durriya’s dreams, but it was certainly not going to stop her.

Right after recovering from her ailment, and given a second chance to life, Durriya decided to pursue her dream of becoming a published author, and now as we speak, she is almost there. Her book, Once Upon a Genie is soon to release in March 2017.

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Arthritis handicapped her, but couldn’t stop her

Meet Samina Bharmal, a beautiful young girl from Kenya. She might look like an ordinary girl of an Indian origin from East Africa, but her story is exceptional.

For the last four years, Samina has been wheelchair bound, due to Arthritis that she was diagnosed with when she was as young as 11. But, being the strong-willed girl, Samina never let her disability become a hurdle. She recently published her first book, 10 THINGS KEEPING ME SUPER SANE: On a Wheelie. The book gives an account of 10 things that helped pave her way to accepting a wheelchair as a part of her identity, and move forward towards self-acceptance and recovery.

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